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Why we recommend a Safari at the Wilpattu National Park

Situated in the dry zone of the Northwest coast, the Wilpattu National Park is renowned for its status as one of the largest and oldest Sri Lankan national parks. Initially established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1905, the park has presently garnered a reputation for housing the Sri Lankan leopard, alongside various other threatened species which includes sloth bears and elephants.

Throughout the duration of your Wilpattu safari venture, it is extremely likely that you will stumble upon strange depressions on the surface which may have been filled with rainwater, and which collectively form a feature that is unique to the national park. These are known as natural lakes, or willus, and are spots frequented by animals desiring to quench their thirst.


Unsurprisingly, much of the area remains unexplored, for 75% of the surroundings are composed of thick greenery and shrub vegetation, effectively limiting the distance that can be traveled by a vehicle. However, despite such imposed restrictions, the remaining 25% that tourists and guides have been granted access to, has presented them with satisfactory exposure to multiple reptiles, mammals, and avian species alike, thus enriching the entirety of their jeep safari experience.

It is worth noting that our jeep safaris encourage the preservation of wildlife, as we are opposed to the entrapment and captivity of animals in establishments such as zoological gardens. Therefore, by opting for a Wilpattu National Park safari with Safari in Sri Lanka, you will be assisting in the conservation and protection of numerous threatened species.

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