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Things to do when you are on a holiday in Sri Lanka

When presented with the opportunity of spending your holiday in Sri Lanka, you may find yourself struggling to decide on a few activities to pursue, specifically, things to do in Sri Lanka which will pique your interest. Owing to this, Earth Lanka Events has prepared a short list of ventures that are enjoyed by tourists, both foreign and local alike.

How to spend an adventurous holiday in Sri Lanka

Hiking in Sri Lanka Horton Plains National Park


For those who seek pleasure in walking for extended periods of time, there exist numerous places which have appealed to keen hikers of the past. At the Horton Plains National Park, one may wander through montane grasslands and forests, admire fauna in their splendor, and gaze upon gorgeous landscapes from afar. Furthermore, those who wish to hike alongside family members and bond in the midst of nature will be delighted to find that they may embark on personalized trails.


On the other hand, those who wish to engage in an activity that is far more rigorous and challenging may traverse to the depths of the Sinharaja Rain Forest. On trails that are far more physically demanding, but, which have been designed with a trekker’s exertion in mind, one may halt by luscious greenery, and simultaneously marvel upon crystalline and muddy bodies of water. One may even stumble upon the Malkoha and the Giant Squirrel, both of which are endemic to the country.

Jeep safaris

With the unforgettable experience of encountering wildlife in completely natural habitats, whilst remaining sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many tourists tend to prefer jeep safaris over other activities. When granted with the opportunity to acquaint oneself with scenic locations, and numerous aspects of nature, most individuals garner a newfound appreciation for the lacking artificiality of the landscape, which proves to be a refreshing change from living in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology.

Destinations you must visit

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