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The Lithe Leopard of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka leopard is one of currently eight recognized subspecies of leopard, the smallest of the ‘big cats’.

Listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, the Sri Lanka leopard population is estimated at less than 800 mature individuals, and is probably declining.

Adorned in a tawny coat of black rosettes, whilst residing within tea estates, woodlands, and plantations alike, the Sri Lanka leopard is a reclusive predator that spends much of its time hunting in solitude. Primarily active at night, with the frequent exception of prowling alongside their cubs during daytime, these leopards stalk their prey in silence and commence chasing after them once they have been lured into feeling a false sense of security.

Typically, the diet of a Sri Lankan leopard consists of deer and wild boar, alongside several other mammals and small birds. Owing to the plenitude of prey and the lack of competitors searching for quarry, these leopards refrain from feasting on their prey on a higher elevation, such as the branches of nearby trees, and instead, they leisurely devour their victims in plain sight.

Presently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) regards these leopards as an endangered species, for their lives have been threatened by the loss of habitat and the increasing levels of poaching. However, by supporting a Safari in Sri Lanka at Earth Lanka Events, and enlisting our services, you will be assisting in the protection of Sri Lankan leopards, alongside the conservation of other endangered species.

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