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What is the most popular national park in Sri Lanka?

Yala National Park safari is the most famous and most visited by both local and foreign tourists who visit Sri Lanka. It is a combination of a national park as well as a nature reserve. A similar title was given officially to Wilpattu National park in 1938.

Extending from Trincomalee to Hambanthota, Yala is the most visited and 2nd largest National Park in Sri Lanka bordering the Indian Ocean. Yala is snugly located by the east and southern parts of the panoramic Indian Ocean. Many years ago Yala National Park was used as a hunting ground by the elite British.

Lone elephant at Yala safari Sri Lanka

The entire massive area of over 130,000 (979 square kilometres) is covered with acres of plush green land.

Yala is located 190 miles from Colombo and tourists can find leopards, over 40 varieties of mammals and more than 200 different bird species during the day safari rides with Safari in Sri Lanka. Two of the pilgrim sites named Sithulpauwa and Magul Vihara are situated within the park. The Park is best known for its variety of wild animals.

The semiarid climate in this area helps the park to maintain its lush green look. The average temperature is between 90’F and 105’F and Yala receives the monsoon rains between September to December thereby helping the natural habitants stay green for the next 6 months without a problem.

Yala National Safari Park consists of 5 blocks, however only 2 are open for the public. They are the Ruhunu National Park and adjoining Kumana National Park. In addition the massive and nearby Lunugamvehera National Park is also open for public.

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