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The Jungle Fowl of Sri Lanka

Commonly found in national parks, alongside rain forests and lands composed of scrub vegetation, the Sri Lankan junglefowl is endemic to the island of Ceylon, and it simultaneously bears the honor of being the country’s national bird. Often found scratching the ground for sustenance, the members of this terrestrial species are omnivorous in nature, and feed on a variety of food, ranging from worms and fruit, to frogs and insects.

As these birds are sexually dimorphic in nature, both males and females can be identified with ease. Unsurprisingly, the females are of a dull shade of brown, which effectively conceals them from potential predators throughout the entirety of the nesting season. On the other hand, the males tend to be more colorful, sporting plumages of vibrant yellows and oranges, accompanied by black wings, and a tail of a dark shade of purple.

Typically, the females lay two to four eggs, but in order to reproduce, they must first associate with a group of three males. Once the alpha male has been determined, the female will nest high off the ground, possibly in a nest that has been abandoned by other birds. Once the hen has begun to incubate the eggs, the other two males of the group will remain in close proximity, protecting the area from potential predators. Following the passing of twenty days, or even lesser, the eggs will hatch.

Though this junglefowl may only be viewed in Sri Lanka, the IUCN has declared it to be among other species of ‘least concern’ on their Red List of Threatened Species.

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