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Jeep Safari in Sri Lanka - Safety Tips

When confronted with the likelihood of embarking on a jeep safari, the reactions of tourists tend to vary greatly. While some eagerly anticipate the adventure, others may view the endeavor with a mixture of fear and uncertainty, thus remaining doubtful of their safety. At Earth Lanka Eventswe prioritize your safety and your enjoyment, but to ensure that your experience is pleasant and satisfactory, it is advisable that you follow our safety tips for a Sri Lankan jeep safari, which have been listed below:

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Remain inside your vehicle at all times.

Wild animals are well camouflaged in their natural habitats, and they may remain concealed until their interest is piqued by the movement of their prey. Though they tend to keep their distance from our jeeps, you should refrain from attracting their attention by making noises and separating yourself from the vehicle.

Avoid running.

In the extremely unlikely event of you being separated from your vehicle and your companions, remain cautious at all times and refrain from running, as you might be mistaken for prey. Wild animals noting your frantic movement will be tempted to chase after you.

Wear protective clothing.

As the length of your journey may vary, we’d recommend wearing sunscreen, alongside long pants, socks, and closed shoes. Moreover, owing to the existence of mosquitoes, it is advisable to carry a mosquito repellent with you at all times.

Limit flash photography.

In an entirely natural environment, animals tend to be easily startled by the flash on a camera. Therefore, you must consult your tour guide to ensure that you don’t frighten certain animals away.

Avoid waterways.

If you manage to stumble upon a nearby waterway within your resting area, do not succumb to the temptation of going for a swim. While it’s certain that parasites linger within the waters, there remains a strong possibility of you encountering camouflaged crocodiles, alongside other hidden animals.

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